Rose Puff Collection

„I like to believe that every person is a flower. Sometimes you have to go through mud in order to bathe in the sunlight and to blossom your uniqueness.“ - Aline Now

From left to right:
1. Scattered & Whole
[wherever you are, and no matter how lost or incomplete you might feel
- remember you are whole: everything you need is already inside of you].

2. Home is where your
[home is a feeling rather than a location].

3. Bloom Baby Bloom
[rest, grow, blossom & repeat: the many roles of non-stop blooms].

Rose Puff Collection. Triptych. Aline Now
Mixed technique. Acrylic. 30x40

Main color: Blue

Framing: Unframed

Style: Abstract

Surface: Canvas

Technique: Acrylic

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